‘Skip-Gen’ Trips and Other Travel Trends for 2024

Travel and grandchildren rank as top motivators for people over 50 to get in shape or stay in shape. Both those are combined now in one of the top 2024 travel trends for mature adults: the “skip-gen” trip, as in “skip a generation.” It’s when grandparents take grandchildren on a vacation without the parent in the middle. “I work hard to stay in good shape so I can enjoy my sports, my retirement – and my grandchildren,” says Sammye, who took her first grandchild, Mia, to Paris to celebrate graduation from high school. It’s something she’ll do for each grandchild, a special experience they can share alone together. “We covered a lot of ground on foot. We climbed a lot of stairs. And we had a blast,” says Sammye, who is in her 60s and enjoys gym workouts and competing in triathlons. “The next granddaughter wants to go to Rome. I’m ready!” Traveling of any kind requires strength, endurance and agility. And spending time with a teenager alone? Oh, yes. We’ll make sure you’re ready to make the most of your travel this year. Here are some other top trends for mature travelers. “Bleisure” TravelThis is a combination of “business” and “leisure” travel. If you’re still working and you want to mix and match, why not? It can be a great way to take advantage of an opportunity to spend time in a new or interesting location. Rest and RelaxationTravel industry experts say more people are looking to just go somewhere and chill – including focusing on getting plenty of good sleep, spa treatments, and exercise. Sounds like heaven to us! National ParksThe United States is blessed with a series of national parks worth exploring. Check out the promotions at the National Park Service website. From Alaska’s Denali to Florida’s Everglades, you won’t believe the richness that awaits. Bucket ListsThese are always popular with people later in life: Places to go and things to do before you kick the … well, you know. What’s on your list? What’s holding you back? If it’s your physical fitness level, don’t let that stop you! We’re here to get you wherever you want to go. AdventureWe know a man in his 50s who’s determined to ride his motorcycle on every continent. Could this finally be his year for Antarctica? Do you want to go white-water rafting? Heli-skiing? The possibilities are wild – and endless. Small GroupsGather friends or talk to a travel agency about joining small groups for travel. Just make sure you’re not the one stuck behind in your hotel room because you’re not able to make the most of the opportunities! The world remains your oyster for as long as you keep yourself motivated to enjoy it. We are here to help your travel dreams come true, whether they’re with grandkids in Europe, hiking at national parks, or checking off those “bucket list” items. Come see us today.