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Full Circle Fitness is a world-class studio serving people like you in Tustin, Irvine, and Santa Ana area. We focus on your vitality, health and wellness through strength training, cardiovascular exercise, yoga, Pilates and tai chi.

  • A comfortable, clean 2,000-square-foot area with everything you need
  • A welcoming, supportive environment of other people who share your goals and opportunities
  • We are happy to customize a membership plan for you based on your needs and schedule.

Programs & Services



Private Training

Private training is one-on-one with you and a trainer, in 25- or 50-minute sessions. Personal training, Pilates, or any kind of 1:1 program you need.



Small Group Training

Small group training is just that – no more than 6 people with a trainer at a time, offering attention and accountability in personal training, yoga and tai chi. These sessions focus on strength, mobility, flexibility, cardio, balance and brain health – essentially, the functional training model.



Hybrid training

Hybrid training is a mix of small group training and semiprivate, 50-minute Pilates sessions with no more than three people. In these Pilates sessions, we focus more on the mind-body connection and move at a slower pace, getting more into the details of the movements.

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