Jack Nguyen

Jack Nguyen


  • NASM: Certified Personal Trainer
  • FAI: Functional Aging Specialist


I have always sought to make the world better, but my passion for helping people with fitness didn’t begin until after I incurred an injury that left me unable to walk. I was active during my youth. I trained martial arts, yoga, and parkour, but hadn’t seen the inside of a gym until my late 20’s. After dislocating my patella and tearing my MCL and meniscus, I began physical therapy and self-rehabilitation. The pain of walking was so great that I had almost lost all hope in doing all the activities that I enjoyed, but I knew that to get better and overcome this obstacle, there was only one way. It wasn’t to wish for an easy life but to find the strength to endure a difficult one. 
My journey into becoming a coach started after I found my coach and experienced the benefits of his programming and training. Not only did he help me become the strongest version of myself, he also helped me to overcome a lot of self-doubt by being a consistent support system. We developed a great friendship, and he inspired me to receive my NASM certification, so I can do for others what he has done for me. 
The passion I have for helping others stems from my love for philosophy and seeking inner peace. I understand that the path to well-being is a lifelong journey and a never-ending learning process. I plan to bring the same devotion into this practice of excelling clients to achieve their fitness goals. 
When I am not working, training, or in the kitchen, I like to read, write, paint with watercolors, and do things that help me find intention in every step, purpose in every movement, and enjoyment of life in every breath. 

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