Laura Moreno

Laura Moreno


  • BASI: Certified Pilates Instructor


Laura’s fitness lifestyle was next to nothing growing up. As she became an adult and had trouble controlling her weight, knew that diabetes ran in the family, she realized the value of good health through a balance of healthy eating and staying active. She joined a gym and her passion started with working out to music and the other gym members that motivated each other.  

For her the next step was to become a Group Fitness instructor in her late 30’s, which Laura did for 24+ years. During that time, she discovered Pilates and decided to jump in to a comprehensive instructor training course learning all the Pilates equipment through BASI, Body Arts and Sciences International. It became Laura’s newest passion. She did not have any prior experience, so it took time to master the method. She says she is still and always will be learning to instruct the Pilates Method and what it does for the human body to function and feel better. At 67 years young she still continues to positively impact others through her pilates teaching.  

Laura says, “Joseph Pilates always wanted everyone to have access to Pilates to achieve health and wellness. I am happy to be part of Joe’s dream 18 years and counting.”

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