Ashley Lonas

Ashley Lonas


  • B.S. Health Science
  • Balanced Body Pilates Instructor
  • FAI: Functional Aging Specialist


 For as far back as I can remember being active and the way the human body works has always been a passion of mine. I grew up involved in many team sports trying to keep up with my older brother and in school Physical education was always my favorite class. So when it came to deciding my path in college Health Science was an easy choice. 
After college I began my career as a certified personal trainer in a large gym. That is where a friend and colleague recommended I try Pilates. After just one class with him I was hooked! Pilates is the perfect outlet for me to combine my passion for movement and body mechanics. I love the way Pilates emphasizes slowing down and focusing on the control of movement. When you are working with the Pilates principles in mind you can feel the connection of a single movement through your entire body. Although my passion for the human body is the reason why I joined the fitness industry over the years I have really come to value the opportunity to meet and get to know clients.  
Outside of work you can find me in the kitchen. I love challenging myself a to learn a new skill or recipe, the more intricate the better. My husband and I really enjoy getting outdoors and being active. In the Midwest we spent much of our time on the water wakeboarding and wakesurfing. With our recent move to Southern California, we look forward to trying all the great new outdoor activities the area has to offer. 

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